Thursday, 19 November 2015

Travel: Semporna Day 2


Hi guys! So are you thrilled to read the next part or not? Haha I bet you are *clap clap* :P hehehe..So the next morning we woke up early because the boat leaves at 8.30 am and we have to gather at the agent first to register our names. Oh I forgot to tell you that the fees also inclusive with the fee to enter Taman-taman Sabah. They do a head count first, pack all the foods and also the scuba gear for those who does scuba diving. Truthfully, I would like to learn scuba diving. It was like in the list of 'Things that I would like to try, but first, be rich' kinda thing. Haha. But seriously, if you have all the excess money, please try for scuba diving :) Anyhoots, we depart first to the Taman-taman Sabah office to pay for the fees and then straight to Mataking Island about 1 hour boat ride from Semporna Jetty. It was far alright! According to the guide, the next island after it is already the Phillipines! The journey was not that sea sickening, but definitely a bumpy ride! Haha (do you also read that in the voice of that thing on the bus that Harry Potter took to the Leaky Cauldron, or is it just me? haha)

The main jetty in Semporna
On the way to Taman-taman Sabah
They gave us the wrong ticket. It was supposed to be RM 2 only for Malaysian
On the way to Mataking Island
Is that Bohey Dulang Island? I think it is
Look at all those tanks!! 
Finally we are here!
Getting excited!!
Upon arrival, you could see that there were many soldiers guarding the island due to its location near the international border. But don't be afraid, InsyaAllah everything is safe there :) We were left on the small island first and the boat went for a deeper part of the island for the scuba people to do their activities. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that Mataking Island consists of two islands which were separated by a sand barrier and can be passed through during low tide. According to the guide, the small island is now a private property and cannot be passed through randomly. There is a resort on the big Mataking Island for those of you who would love to stay there. 

Mataking Islands; the small and the big island. Source: Here
Le hubs with Mataking Besar as background
C'est moi with Mataking Kecil as background
Us :)
After 30 mins or so, the boat came back to take us to the bigger island. We snorkel some more and got a little tired because the sun was like literally scorching our heads! Tips 5: Do not forget your sunblocks guys. It was really hot there! Soon after, they took us to the Timba-timba Island for lunch. I forgot to take a picture of the food, but definitely it was really good, considering the grumbling stomach we all had. Hahaha. There were spicy chicken, omelette, stir fry veges, rice and also fruits. We had a good rest there. Some decided to fish using papaya as a bait while some decided to do a backflip on the jetty. Haha amusing of course!

Beautiful Timba-timba Island :)

On the way back. Tired, but still happy :)
Then we headed to the other side of the island to do a last session of snorkeling. There were many fishes! Sadly we didn't have an underwater camera so we couldn't show you the amazing view in the sea. T_T I might consider saving up to buy that kind of camera..hmm...Anyhow, around 4 pm we went back to Semporna and reached there by 5 pm. We were very tired of course, but couldn't missed out on buying some souvenir for the family. There were many souvenir shops in Dragon Inn and grabbed everything that we want there (we've paid for it, of course :P) and went to hunt for dinner. We were starved and search no further thus settled for the shop near the jetty. We had fish and stir fry veges. It was good and decent considering the price :) Then we walk slowly to our hotel. If you guys are into night activities, I think there were a few shops that open up until late at night. 

I've paid, okay? :P

Toooo hungry to smile properly..haha
So that was the end of day 2 in Semporna. The next day, it was suppose to be another day trip to some other islands (Sorry I forgot the names!), but we decided to cancel it and changed our plans to discover Tawau instead. Luckily I have a friend over there and she was free to take us around town :) So, I think I will continue about that in the next post. Until then, bye!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Awesome post!! nicely written :-) it would also be good to note that to be aware of children begging for money right?

  2. oh yeh..about that. I will update it later. thank you for reminding dear :)