Monday, 1 May 2017

Of Lego & buying a home


Hi guys! How are you guys doing? I'm down with flu and cough right now but it is still manageable, no sweat :) I think this week is longer than usual. Maybe because I am back in the office again and office works are so boring, it makes the time stops. Haha. Sorry if I seemed a little tired in this post (can you tell?), the flu has really been slowing my brain down. Huhuhu..Anyways, boring things aside, today I would like to share with you guys the things that awaken the child in me: LEGO! hehehe

As a kid, I never really had my own set of Lego. Well, apparently I think because it is considered expensive, and maybe it is just the sort of toys that boys play with. Duhh, even now (buying it with my own money) I still felt that Lego is expensive. Hahahaha :P Anyways, personally, I felt like Lego was a very intelligent toy. If I have a child/children *Amin* I would preferably buy them Lego instead of other plushies or dinosaurs or whatever. One because it will develop creativity in them, two because I get to play with it too! Muahahahahha *evil laugh* :P 

I thought having a high desire towards Lego was such an immature and inappropriate adult behaviour, but boy was I wrong! There are actually many (like gazillions, kot?) people like me! *high five brotha!* Hehehe. Some took them waaaaay more seriously like I do, and created a house of Lego, like this guy: 

It is so creative! How could we think about that?! I felt like he totally lived in a different world than ours. Moreover making the house fully functional is definitely an added plus point. Considering the crazy cost of living nowadays..a decent size home could cause you a fortune of fortune. Because it is so da*n expensive! I don't think I can afford the houses like what we saw in the soap opera in TV3 where they lived in big houses with big big windows and high walls and not to mention the hugeeee swimming pools and definitely the imported cars and all the luxury furniture. 

This would be my next home if Lego were sold in the pasar malam where they are cheap and affordable. All you need is just a piece of land and some expertise in electrical wiring and also plumbing. I'm sure le hubs is well taught in that since his recent involvement in house construction. Kan syg? Hehehe. 

Anyway, jokes aside, I am currently trying hard to calculate the pros and cons of buying/owning a house or just rentals. Will buying a house would be worth it? In the sense of long term bank loans and location wise? Is it worth the price of the house with the square feet given? Will you be comfortable living in it? What if you have a big family in the future? Can it still accommodate all? Second hand house or newly built housing? Apartment or landed? Location? Theeeese are all of the major questions I had in mind about buying a house. And still now I don't have the exact answer for each question.

Regardless, I'm still homeless by the time I finished writing this and still lost in buying a house 101 journey. And now I even wonder how can people buy a house on an impulses. Like how?? Am I the only one that was thinking too much? Or are they the ones that are too rich? Maybe I need to sit down and really figure it out kot? Ntahlah...

Til then, 


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