Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Jan & Feb Recap: Hello 2016!


Hi guys! How has you guys been doing? I know it has been what, 3 months now since the new year?! Yeah, I have been super duper busy but I will try to recap what had happened to me this past few months in this post, okay? *long post alert* :P 

As the new year approaches, I decided to have some new goals for myself. I already had them written up the other day, but I'm not sure why there's no draft saved. Maybe there was some connection problem or something. I will update on that soon. Anyhow, I also had recently been caught up in the addiction to planner madness and all its components (washi tapes, stickers, stationaries and what nots). I even tried to do the Project Life thingy but I didn't even last a month on that hahahaha *shame on me* :P 

There's nothing much happen in January. I'll show you some photos for the recap.

Mr. A was hospitalized for a minor operation on his hand

At the summit of Bukit Perahu, Tamparuli
Gave away Oreo and kids to other people :'(
Planner date at home with Izzah :D
In February, I was supposed to have a getaway with my sister to Semporna (again!). We planned to visit Mabul Island and Bohey Dulang Island. Sadly, when we arrived in Sandakan the day before the trip, I received the news that my father-in-law had passed away that evening :( 

Truthfully, I had a mixed feeling about the news. Sad, of course, but at the same time relieved (in a good way) because arwah has been fighting with cancer for almost 2 years already and the disease has been really tough on him. May Allah grant you places among those who obey Him. InsyaAllah we will meet again in the hereafter, Abah. We missed you always. It will never be the same again without you :'( 

Coming back from Kelantan (several days after the funeral), I decided to went back to my hometown and extended my leave. Few days after that, our family was shocked by another news, that one of my second cousin is involved in an accident and died on the way to the hospital. It was really shocking because he was only in his secondary school, nobody could have foreseen that :'( but Allah is great and has infinite justice. He was the one that could determine one's life and death. As He had said in Surah Al-Munafiqun (63:11) ''But Allah will never give respite to anyone, once his appointed time will come. And Allah is All Aware of what you do''. Al-Fatihah......

After the long holiday break, I had a meeting in HQ and the weekend after that, me and Aina had a looooong road trip journey to Sandakan for the Ops Mega Denggi there. That was like the longest time I drove alone here in Sabah. I really like loooong journey, especially when I am the one who drives..hehehe. So we stayed in Sandakan up until last week actually, but no matter, i will update on that soon *pinky promise* hehehe. So, I think that's all for this post, kot? Thank you for reading :)