Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Home Deco: DIY or not?


Hi guys! How do you like my previous post on the sheer curtain? Did you guys get inspired? Have you tried something similar to it? I hope you do give it a try. If not.....*merajuk* haha :P

I'm actually in a seminar right now and I will be giving a talk later. So to succumb the nervousness and acid flushed stomach ache, I decided to draft a post for you guys. See I am sweet like that :P Even if I'm busy I still think of you guys *blush* hahaha. Okay, back to the topic, I am having a reaaaaallly long phase of thoughts about some wall decor for my living room. It has been left bare except for a clock and that's it.

I was thinking to have some floating shelves and put my favorite quotes in a frame and then arrange them on the shelves. I would also like to put some books on the shelves. Here are a few of my favorites. Check them out in the link.

Transformer un cadre en bois en une belle étagère pour entreposer des livres, voilà une idée de déco originale. Il fallait y penser. Facile à réaliser soi même : il faut trouver un beau cadre en bois, on ne garde que l'encadrement. Puis on colle ou on...:


But, my main concern is that, I AM NOT ALLOWED TO POKE THE WALLS WITH NAILS *noooooo* That's a bugger guys but to no avail, I have searched day and night for the solution. After some gruesome battles, shedding blood and tears, I have finally found the solution for it!! *drama mode activated* Yes I did! Hehehe :D

See the picture above? No, it is not my wall, duhh..hehehe. As you can see, the white brick on the wall is actually a 3D kinda wallpaper. You can glue it on the wall the same way that you would do to a normal wallpaper. Then from there, you can begin your magic and hangs on any arts and crafts that you feel to show off to anyone visiting your house. It is said to be able to handle 1/2 inch nail and won't do harm on the wall itself. As long as you make sure the nail is hitting on the brick part of the 3D wallpaper :D

So now it comes to the question: Have I tried it? Guess what, I haven't :P :P :P Hehehe. Well basically because I haven't stumbled upon this kinda wallpaper anywhere I went. Maybe It was only sold in stores that sell specialties wallpaper? Or maybe I wasn't looking hard enough :P :P I think it is more like the latter ones. Hehehe. After a long hard thought, I figured that it wasn't really worth it. I'm sure the 3D wallpaper would costs more than a normal ones. Hearing 'costs more' makes my eyes squints shut and my head nods in disagreement. Hahaha. Well, of course I would like to make my rental home beautiful, but it is just that I would rather spend on something more beneficial than just a wallpaper :) 

Looking back a few months before this post, when le hubs was coming over to KK, we did some makeover to our dining chairs and had them re-upholstered and add some cushioning too, all on our own; DIY style. We did it all from scratch from buying the plywood to buying the sponges and also the fabric. It was all worth it! It took us approximately 3 days to finish all 3 projects together! Did I even mention we made a 6 x 4 feet ottoman? And to make you wow-ed even more, we even made a movable coffee table from the scratch material from the two other projects! Yes, we are so proud of ourselves :D :D :D 

So now we have a seating for people who came in and need time to take their shoes off; the ottoman. We even have comfortable dining chars now and lunch or dinner could be longer now. Or we could choose to dine in front of the TV with the food on the coffee table :D There was only one thing that I regretted though from all of these projects. I didn't took the pictures along the way. If only I did, I could make it all into one DIY blogpost :'( I am sorry! I wish I did though, because someday I would like to refer back to it. Huhu. Anyhow, here is a few snippets on the final product. Sorry our workmanship is not that perfect, but we are proud of everything we made :) Oh btw, the legs for the ottomon we bought from IKEA (Nosborg) for RM50 and have le hubs brought it here. Thank you sayang :*

All in all, I hope there are moreeee DIY projects to come. I actually have one in my mind right now but I have to keep it inside first. This time I promise you I will not forget to take the step by step pictures :D Hehehe. *pwomish* Anyways, as a closure, I would like to emphasize that making a DIY project doesn't mean that it needs to take all of your time and money. It feels different than buying your furniture from the shop. Maybe you could try small projects for a start and let me know how it goes :) Well, thank you for reading and have a great day! :D

p.s: Sorry I don't have the picture for the upholstered dining chair at the moment :( 

p.s.s: This is also a backdated draft post. Sorry >.<

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