Monday, 23 November 2015

Home deco: Sheer DIY


Hi guys! How's your weekend? Did you guys go to someplace interesting? Well, I had a very leisure weekend. I went for a swim on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I really had a great time in the pool because I have been longing to swim like I used to back in uni days.  It is very therapeutic for me..hehe. Anyhow..back to the topic, I decided to make a sheer curtain for some privacy during the day. It was just a simple DIY project and I am sure everyone can do it too. These are some of the inspirations I get from Pinterest

Sheer fabric with doilies. Source here
Source here

First of all, before buying the fabrics, you definitely need to measure the height and width of your window. I did my measurement with just the sewing tape only. No need fancy measurement device guys :P So for the width, you need to add about 3/4 of the original width of the window frame.

For example, if your window is 100 inch, the total width of fabric you will need is about 175 inch. Be warned that this measurement is only for curtains that you just hang on the rope loosely. According to the salesperson, if you want to use the hook type, you will need approximately 9 meters width of fabric to get the best flowy curtain. For the height, I added about 10 inch from the total measurement for seems allowance.

So at the store, you can find a few types of fabrics to choose from. These includes nets material fabric with varied qualities. There were also the lace types which are a little expensive for me and then there were the organza types. I chose the last one because it suits to my liking and also my wallet approves it. Haha. So I bought 3 1/2 meters of the fabric in total.

Okay, done with lets get to the real stuff. Just simply cut your fabrics in half (lengthwise) since I only want to make two pieces of it. Oh yes, since this is like the intensive-labor kinda DIY (meaning-I sew it on my own without the aid of a sewing machine), I just use my trustworthy candle to work out the side fringes of the fabric like the good old days. Haha. So done with that. Then, I sew along the bottom of the fabric to make it appear neater. The kind that I bought have sewn metal cord on the bottom so that the curtain will stay down. So that's really a bonus right there. After that, I sew the top part of the curtain and made like a loop about 5 inch height. This is for future usage if I wanted to use the curtain with hooks. If not, only 2-3 inches will do. After sometime, you won't even realize that you have already finished sewing it! Yeay!! 

The chosen fabric, the trusted candle & the heroic rope :P 

Now the last and the most important part which is to hang them up, of course! Hehehe. If you have that handsome husband around, please make full use of him :P If you don't, like my case *weeps* just hang it accordingly. I use a cheap plastic rope (tali rafia) to hang them. And then, take a few steps back and admire your hard labor with a big proud smile \^_^/ hehehe

Does it complement the yellow curtain or not? I think it is :)
Cost wise, I am not sure whether it is cheaper to buy a ready made curtain or to make it from scratch. All I know is, it is more satisfactory if you make it on your own :) Time wise, it took me about 8 hours or so of devoted sewing time to finish it. Really, it is that simple I feel shy to call it a DIY project..hahaha. I hope you guys could try it too someday. I think that's all for now :) Thank you for reading!

p.s: I have great ideas in my mind on what to put on the empty space in front of the window. Can't wait to start it! hehe :D