Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Love gets older, but stronger


Hello again there strangers! It has been a while, hasn't it? I have been quite suffocated with work and meetings and couldn't cope with writing another post. Guess I just gave you a reason to miss me! HAHA :p 

So last two weeks was my one year wedding anniversary that falls on 16th November. Exactly on that date last year, I was being blessed by Allah by granting my wish to marry such a wonderful man I have ever met (sorry dad, you are wonderful too XD) my soulmate of forever and after, my bestest-bestest friend *if that is even a word* and my loving companion for the rest of my life; Mr. Khairul Amri :)

So the night before we had a chat on the phone since he was occupied with his study due to the mid term paper he is having on the next day. Obviously I didn't have any planned surprise for him. October was the most travelled month of this year. I didn't have a chance to prepare anything..sori sayang :( So we ended the call with zillions of smooches and kisses. Hehe *pardon the newlyweds* :p 

Eventually on 'the day', which is on Sunday; I had some friends over for lunch. Me and Nad cooked ayam masak kicap and some stir fried vegetables. Aina came over too with her most famous sambal udang and Syamil was bringing over some fruits. Nad had a slept over in my house the night before, so while we were waiting for Aina and Syamil, someone knocked on the door. I thought it was one of them, but dude was I wrong! It was actually someone from the florist sending me a bouquet of roses and a box of Ferrero Rocher! It was from him!! I'm so touched because I had never received such surprises and I never thought he would gave me one..thank you sayang :') 

See how excited+touched I am :')

I called him right away even though he was answering his test at that time. Hehe. Sorry dear I am just too excited to tell you :p He had already gave me a present before I fly back to KK which is a photobook of us with all the photos we took together this 12 months. It was a very touching moment for me. I can't forget how the presents gave me goosebumps *in a good way* because I am so touched for his affections and willingness to spend time to create the photobook, to order them, to call the florist and make an arrangement. It was so thoughtful of you sayang :') Aaaand to make the story even more romantic and cheesy, I even got a package delivered to the office. It was actually a card sent by him. Those beautiful words you wrote makes me falling in love with you over and over again :* Thank you dear for everything :)


To my loving hubby:

There is no word that could describe how wonderful you are, my love; and how many times I thanked Allah for letting me be your Halal wife :) I (still) couldn't believe that we are married to each other despite all the challenges we faced before that. Do you remember how we first met? Well, I don't :p I just remembered how you made me fall in love with you. Your silly jokes and unconditional care for me made me realized that I have more than enough already. You made me realize the fact that man and woman can never be just best friends ;) You bring out the best of me. How you make me realized that I could love someone so much and so strong and yet not being bored about it is truly magical. I am always grateful for your presence in my life, for everything that you have ever done for us, for me, and everything that you tried to do to make me happy. Thank you sayang :* I know thank you would not be enough to repay and portrait everything that you have done and sacrificed. I promised you that my love for you will never fade, InsyaAllah. I know there are many obstacles will be coming through our way in the future; but I'm sure as long as we have each other, we can get through it together, biiznillah :) Love you forever and always <3!!

Endless love,
Your wife :*

The moment he gave me mas kahwin

Malu2 kucing..hihihi

And I would like to dedicate this post to you sayang, cause I am telling the world how lucky I am to be married to you :* Alhamdulillah :) 

Thank you for reading!

~Husna S

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Lonely in a whole new chapter


Hi there dear readers. It has been a while since I last posted something here. How has things been going for all of you? I've been busy lately. Couldn't even catch my breath. Things have been hectic these couple of weeks. Works are just a never ending story. And I'm here again in the ever so beautiful land; Sabah. I'm falling in love with this place every time I came here. Cannot lie to you on that  (insert angel face here) :P 

However, there was always something that would bothers me when I'm here. The fact that my dear is on the other land. The fact that I couldn't be beside him whenever he needs me the most. The fact that I couldn't portrait or even try my best shot on being the perfect wife. It's heart breaking for me to know that I couldn't even make breakfast for him, ironing his work clothes, do the laundry and many other things that is related to the job of a wife. It saddens me whenever the thought came to me. Sometimes I wonder what's the good I got from all of these. I know there is always a silver lining behind the grey clouds but the uncertainty will forever haunts me. I know I have to be positive with all of this, but you know how women and all their strange hormones works. Everytime you try to persuade your brain from overthinking stuff, you will ended up crying in your pillows thirty minutes later. Silly hormones. Haha

Anyhow things will past by even if you don't feel like it. Time will just leave you without warning and I can't forever be sadden about this. I MUST find something to do, somethings that could distract my brain and my silly hormones from over thinking about things; especially during the weekends..huhu. So far, I have developed interests towards beneficial things/hobby but it didn't lasts due to insufficient materials (I will update on it later). Do you guys have any idea on how to make yourself feel busy and distracted? Maybe I could try it out somehow. :) 

I'm out of the house today. Trying to mingle around strangers with the silent approach. You know, just walk past them and feel their presence even though I don't see any positive outcome from it. Hahaha.. I'm just kidding guys. I'm not a lunatic :P I'm just doing some window shopping in the mall. Hehehe. They say shopping could heal you. Well I guess it is partly true because when you go shopping without money, that would definitely add in the sadness in yourself. Hahaha : D So as I was having a lonely lunch, the boy besides me asked why am I eating on my own? Such a cheeky one! Hehe. So I told him, my family is not at home :') Suprisingly he is satisfied with the answer and kept coming back to check whether I ate my veges or not! Hahah! I couldn't help but have my dessert as well, because I missed my husband. We used to have a romantic dinner here, along with the dessert :')

So the sugar rush has helped me thinking positive. Has helped me reflecting on my behavior lately. And do helped drugging the silly hormones to a controllable state :D I guess this will be it for now. I'm going to find something nice for me today. I've been doing a lot for others instead of me. So I guess some shopping wouldn't hurt the bank :) I'm off for now. Thank you for reading this entry! 

~Husna S