Thursday, 4 December 2014

Home stuff: Living room deco 101


Hi there guys! How are you guys doing? It's school holiday season now and I hope many of you had great times with the kids. As kids, we always look forward to the holidays, me and the sibs...well, who doesn't, right?hehe. Mom and dad would send us back to the village or we say kampung in Malay, to visit our grandparents and cousins. It never bothered us if dad and mom were not around because we get to play day and night with the cuzzies, and eat such lovingly made food by Uwan :) 

I remembered the most epic game that we played was the treasure hunt game. The older cousins would sneak the clues in the most dumbest/weirdest place ever! Haha. They even shove it down a dead banana tree trunk and made us dig it up. Sooo nasty! haha. We bathe in the kolah (small pool in the bathroom used to contained water) and pretended as if we were in a swimming pool. Haven! Hahaha :D Those were the days. I'm old now though *sigh*

Sooo...back to the topic! I have a Pinterest account with sooo many inspiring pins that I adore! You can check them out here. So as I have many free weekends now, I thought I should give some of the easy ones a try :) I have been falling in love with geometric decorations I guess. I recently bought small pillows to put on the couch with chevron lines and previously had bought a small carpet with geometric design..annddd now, I want to try and paint something artsy for the wall *on a canvas, of course* with geometric inspired design too! hehe :D 

I love the geometric pattern on the wall and also the various designed pillows!
Source: Here
I personally think it complements the yellowish carpet and also the curtains. I am thinking to buy/made another simple pillow but longer in size to put in between. It seems nice to be in odd number, right? But I didn't know what shades of color should I go for. Should I go with blue-ish tone, or grey-ish tone? I think those two would be nice. Or should I go with a lighter shade like white, peach or pink? Hmm...

Looove the combinations of turquoise+red+grey!
Source: Here

Another thing I would like to add is more sitting spaces. Since I have a small living room, I think buying more bulky sofas is not such a good idea. I want to have a reading nook besides the window but I'm worried though because when it rains water will dissipates through the cements. I don't want that to ruin my pretty nook..cewahh..hahaha v(n_n)v But anyhow, I couldn't erase the idea of having a comfy nook in the living room. Here's some inspiration for you guys to check it out :D 

Love the led lights and the colorful pillows :D
Source: Here

The plant pots, rattan basket and how simple this looks!
Source: Here

Simple and functional. The copper bronze tone added umpph to the area :)
Source: Here

White pillows and natural light
Source: Here

Another tips I've learned to make a small space looks and feels roomier is by adding mirror in the room. I want to buy these Ikea mirrors since they can be 'glued' to the wall using only double tape but I will try to look for a more cheap version of it if I can though :) Since I only rent this house, I am not allowed to 'punctured' the walls with nails, so tapes are my last resort on trying to hang something on the wall :') These are some of the inspirations I get from Pinterest.

I would omit the lamp and the vase though :)
Source: Here

The different sizes mirror give different dimensions to the room
Source: Here

Would be nice to add to the wall facing the windows
Source: Here

I know it is ambitious to do all of these deco stuff but I think I'm going to start small first, then slowly build my way up :) Moreover I have to think about my budget for this project and also my time allocation for it. Hee :D I would love to start from making the cushion cover myself and a sewing machine would definitely be a good idea to have now! Heheheh I am soo excited and thrilled to see the outcome :) I hope it is not only saying though. I think this will be it for now. I have something on my mind for this weekend project and will be sharing it with you if I really did it. Hihihi I think that is all for now. Thank you for reading! :)

~Husna S


  1. I am looking forward to see your product soon? :-)

    1. I have one product already but haven't got the time to post about it here but anyhow thank you for waiting anyway :P :P :P